Tips to Find a Brandable Domain


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The notable point is that the primary registration fees of a domain is just $12 on the global website name registrars like Godaddy and there are several ways to buy a brandable domain. Business owners may find a perfect domain doing a lot of searches on registrar sites, any marketplace or social media but unfortunately no rule of thumb exists that can be proved ideal in every situation. If you are a future entrepreneur and about to name your business, startup, website or blog, mind a few things.

  • Domain name should not be too long. Preferably shorter than 12 letters.
  • Choose a reliable TLD like .com. New TLDs may risk your money and efforts.
  • Do not exceed two words ( It reduces repeat traffic and has no brand-ability.
  • Consecutive repetition of same alphabet should not create visual confusion i.e.
  • Avoid numbers if possible. In rare cases its good such as,, etc
  • Ignore hyphens. However, generic domains ( can be considered.
  • If you find any right option, buy immediately. Don’t delay and waste the opportunity.

There are many things needed to consider before picking a suitable website name. Most generic and catchy .com names have been already taken. So, its a tough job to choose a perfect domain.

If you have not find any brandable domain name yet, let us know your requirement so that our domain experts can help you find the strong domain of your choice.


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